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Minnesota Home Inspection, Certified Chimney Inspection, Radon Testing

Chimney Inspection

     Code of ethics for Home Inspectors do not require the inspector to examine the interior flue or any vent connections. All-in-One Home Inspecting is raising the bar by offering Certified Level II Chimney Camera Inspections. When bundled with your inspection you save over $100 (compared to average prices), not to mention the time saved trying to get another company out there. The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) recommends a level II camera inspection for the sale of every property. 

Certified Chimney Camera Inspection

Using a high definition camera system the flue is checked for cracks, missing mortar joints, loose connections and any other voids in the system that could be potentially harmful or fatal to the occupants; and run a risk of a structure fire. The firebox, damper, flue, exterior and termination are all carefully inspected. Having the fireplace inspected for your prospective home not only gives you piece of mind, it could save you thousands in costly repairs.

Just need a chimney inspection? We do that too!

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