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Main Sewer Line


     Another very important and often overlooked part of a Home Inspection is the sewer scope. The homeowner is responsible for the main sewer line from the home to the city connection at the street. Damage and problems with sewer lines can be extremely costly even with new technology. All-in-One is of a few Home Inspection companies in Minnesota/Wisconsin to offer this service. We run a high definition camera into the main sewer line through the sewer clean-out (when available), the main plumbing stack, or even remove a toilet if necessary. We look for cracks, breaks, displaced joints, root intrusion, blockages, low spots, and any other defects that may effect drainage or cause major repairs to the pipe. We integrate the report (with pictures) into our inspection software so you don't have multiple reports from multiple companies. Our software makes it easy for you and your realtor to create/attach request lists for the Seller right from your computer.

Sewer Scope Inspection
Water quality testing
Root intrusion.jpg
Rocks or broken pipe.jpg

Damaged sewer pipe

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